Inspiration by Oma the Akk

OMA THE AKK - Our Inspiration

OMA THE AKK conceptualized the macrocosmic body as, “AKK”– Oma’s Cosmos for “AKK” Revelation, of the Father Shri Harihar Nath “Shastri” and Mother Shrimati Vidyawati Devi. He imbibed the Sanskara of a traditional Saryupaari Brahmin family. His infancy heralded his deep clairvoyance embedded with a pulsating spiritual consciousness and awareness. Meditation and self-introspection were a part of his growing childhood. By the age of sixteen Oma The AKK became well conversant with most of the religious Granths. Throughout his life Oma The AKK has walked away from traditional norms of education.

An eminent scholar, his profound knowledge, pertaining to aesthetics, grammatical traditions, religion, philosophy, culture, arts etc. has stunned the galaxy whenever he has indulged in an intellectual discourse. As an iconoclast, Oma The AKK has followed Sanatan perennial principles. The blaze of spirituality neatly blends in him along with Sanatan grace. Devoid of any ostentatious mannerism, Oma The AKK has always been self-engrossed in his conscious endeavour. Though Oma The AKK has never been away from any tradition, those who know him closely see in him a sanyaasi.

Also involved in mundane affairs, his altruistic behaviour benefits people and knowledge seekers with his deep and vast knowledge of jyotish, tantra, mantra and meditation. He is also a sensitive poet and his poetry reflects the aroma and warmth of his spiritual consciousness. His state of “self-realization” also reflects in his discourses, creative writings. In day to day discussions, he imparts deep, serious and enigmatic messages of “Darshan” and philosophy. Always smiling, Oma The AKK has been a torchbearer of the Sanatan dogma “AKK” ever since the age of 7 years… As a torch bearer for Rizoma Events, we are grateful to him and needs his blessings for our future journey.