About Rizoma

Life is a festive journey and every moment of it makes a memory in which we are leading characters. Rizoma Events makes a mere effort to make your journey more lively and glorious. Life of human is emulsification of various phases which a person undergoes in the whole span of life like in family life birth to birthday, engagement To marriage, first anniversary to golden jubilee and similar other events and festivals.

As far as social life is concerned it is also composed of many beautiful andimportant moments which we experience in institutions like school college, hospital,business enterprises etc. Right from framing the concept till its accomplishment Rizoma Group tries to become your colleague no matter it is political gathering or religious event.

We conceptualize your fantasies so that your dreams will not only be your dream but it can be framed as happiness for you and your loved once...

Why Rizoma ?

Rizoma brings joy and meaning to every celebration. Celebrating the milestones of your life, anniversaries, birthdays or any event that holds value for you in a more mindful way brings joy and peace. We understand that everyone wants to share their joy with others in a way that makes it cherished and remembered over the years.

We bring ideas,that make your event complete and meaningful. Whether it's Performing Arts, Music, Food, Clothes, Culture or the ambience of the evening, We curate everything in a way that it nourishes the soul, brings joy, enhances the mood and leaves an after taste of a memorable evening by adding value to your life and in the lives of everyone who is present in your special moment Our team of experts ensures the event is not just another evening of partying without purpose or filled with the emptiness of meaningless conversations.

It must be an event that encompasses an amalgamation of culture, great conversations,music that touch our hearts, a complete environment that etches memories in the mind of the attendees.

Meet Our Team


Client Service Manager



Priyanka Chawla

Marketing & publicity Manager.

Smriti Agarwal

Creative Advisor

Kanchan Mittal

Strategy Advisor