About Our Rizoma

Rizoma Events makes a mere effort to make your journey more lively and glorious. Life of human is emulsification of various phases which a person undergoes in the whole span of life like in family life birth to birthday, engagement to marriage, first anniversary to golden jubilee and similar other events and festivals.

As far as social life is concerned it is also composed of many beautiful and important moments which we experience in institutions like school college hospital business enterprises etc.


OMA THE AKK conceptualized the macrocosmic body as, “AKK”– Oma’s Cosmos for “AKK” Revelation, of the Father Shri Harihar Nath “Shastri” and Mother Shrimati Vidyawati Devi. He imbibed the Sanskara of a traditional Saryupaari Brahmin family.

Meet Our Team


Client Service Manager



Priyanka Chawla

Marketing & publicity Manager.

Smriti Agarwal

Creative Advisor

Kanchan Mittal

Strategy Advisor

WHY RizOma?

RizOma brings joy and meaning to every celebration

Celebrating the milestones of your life, anniversaries, birthdays or any event that holds value for you in a more mindful way brings joy and peace. We understand that everyone wants to share their joy with others in a way that makes it cherished and remembered over the years